Jackson Hole is a dynamic community comprised of full and part-time residents. Steeped in ranching tradition, molded by an enduring appreciation for the environmental treasures surrounding it and supported by a strong community dedicated to active stewardship, Jackson Hole fosters a wide range of outdoor and cultural activities.

With 97 percent of Jackson Hole’s land protected as national parks and forests, it’s easy to assume that elk, mule deer, antelope and other key wildlife species have plenty of room to roam between their winter and summer stomping grounds. But Jackson is part of a much bigger, scientifically important region, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the tiny 3 percent of land here that is privately owned is part of a network of critical migration corridors through the ecosystem.

Fly fish blue ribbon creeks and streams. Hike to spectacular vistas. Cross country ski across untracked snow or watch world-class concerts at the Jackson Hole Summer Music Festival, attend a wide variety of plays, dance performances, art exhibits, etc. at the Center for the Arts; enjoy our sophisticated yet varied restaurant selection. Jackson Hole allows you to indulge the senses and the mind.


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