There are numerous reasons why those who live in Jackson Hole have chosen to have their primary residences here. Some of those reasons are emotional, such as the sheer beauty of the natural surroundings and the overall quality of life. Other reasons are more practical in scope and include Wyoming’s overall tax-climate benefits, when compared to all other states. For years, Bloomberg has rated Wyoming as the most tax-friendly state in the U.S. Here are the 10 tax to discuss with your account.​​​​

  • No state income tax either personal or corporate

  • No intangibles tax

  • No tax on mineral ownership

  • Wyoming allows for Dynasty Trusts which can continue for 1,000 years

  • No state gift tax

  • No tax on out-of-state retirement income

  • No excise tax

  • No inheritance tax: “Wyoming can collect a very limited estate tax, which is tied to the federal estate tax credit, but you have to have a very large estate before that would kick in. But in general Wyoming does not collect any inheritance tax.” according to Brian Jones, Senior Vice President of Bank of Jackson Hole.

  • Low property taxes

  • Low sales tax

  • No tax on the sale of real estate


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